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The Ultimate Experience of Online Gambling

There was once a point where you had to get in your car and drive to the brightly lit casinos whenever you were in the mood to wager up your extra money. The limits and stakes were set and if the establishment didn’t have what you fancy, you were out of luck.

Now thanks to the internet and technology, you can sit in your comfiest chair at home, put on your favourite music and play games to your heart’s desire. The online gambling options are nearly endless in 2020. High rollers, low rollers and everyone in between all have games suited to their style and wagering limits.

Forget about being overwhelmed. We have carefully rated and reviewed the top gambling online sites for South Africa players. With this information, you can discover:

Online casinos vs. Traditional brick and mortar casinos

Location. Location. Location. One of the biggest reasons why virtual casinos have become so popular is because people struggle to find the time to venture to the big cities for a few nights of gambling. Internet operators allow players to log in anytime, anywhere. This time saved means longer sessions. Plus a lot of real money saved from petrol expenditures, tolls, food and lodging. Add that to your bankroll!

In addition to the convenience, online casinos boast 100’s of games to choose from. Each of these will offer different limits, stakes and wagers, meaning everyone get a chance to experience the game. Of course, if you’re new to online gambling, you will have the opportunity to give unfamiliar games a try with the free play sessions. This is just not possible at a brick and mortar casino.

Gambling online is much more convenient than doing it in person, that’s why so many people have turned to the Internet instead.

Top 10 reasons to choose online gambling

Your gaming sessions are recorded

If you’re worried about a power failure or internet cut out while playing, the online casino software has you covered. Your data is automatically saved meaning you can return to your last point of play and continue without having to be concerned about any lost money.

Take a break at anytime

Playing at an online gambling website for South Africans gives you the chance to step away from the computer or put down your mobile anytime you want. Make a cup of tea, go for a walk or grab a bite to eat and return to your real money play when you’re ready. It’s one click away.

There are less distractions

Playing at a legal SA casino has much less distractions. Sure there is a lack of pretty cocktail waitresses and a shouting audience, but you can use this extra concentration to your advantage. Online, you’re calling the shots.

Bonus offers

A most enjoyable benefit of online gambling is the consistent bonus offers which will be made available to you on a regular basis. Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, promotional bonuses, birthday bonuses and many more are constantly offered in an attempt to optimize your game time and gain your loyalty.

Advances in technology have made online gambling more interactive than ever, there are even live dealer games that put you face to face with a real dealer.

Ease of financial transactions

You no longer have to worry about how much real cash to bring or nervously carry around large amounts of winnings around. Online gambling websites allow you to seamlessly transfer money to and from the room with ease.

Internet gambling sites offer higher pay-out rates

Land based casinos have very high expenditures, their counterparts do not. This extra money is given back to loyal players in the form of high pay-outs, generous bonuses and large progressive jackpots.

Secure and trustworthy

Reputable SA gambling sites undergo strict auditing and testing from renowned third parties. They ensure fair game play, secure data storage and no chance to make a mistake.

Practice and build skills

If you’re a seasoned player, you may be interested in a variety of worldwide tournaments offered by the top South Africa online gambling rooms we’ve listed on this site. There will be no plane trips involved. Meet a team of global players, learn new techniques and win big.

Join worldwide virtual tournaments

If you’re a seasoned player, you may be interested in a variety of worldwide tournaments offered by the top South Africa online casinos we’ve listed on this site. There will be no plane trips involved. Meet a team of global players, learn new techniques and win big.


Online gambling offers you the chance to remain anonymous, or almost. Apart from the ID verification you may need to do when you sign up, you can remain a man or woman of mystery as you move from game to game.

Best South Africa online casinos 2020

We have listed the best legal South Africa online gambling sites for you. All of these have the most up to date technology and games. We have chosen these SA operators for their high reputation, fast pay-outs and strictest regulations. This ensures you will have an optimal chance at winning and an overall enjoyable experience.

Any player depositing real money on a South Africa gambling online site should start their experience in the best way possible. Read through our reviews, sign up for free and collect your exclusive bonus offer found on this site.