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South African Online Gambling

The Basics to Playing Real Money Online Slots

If you don’t know what slots are, or have never played them, you are missing out. In the good old days you would insert a coin into bulky machines saturated with gaudy metals and lights, pull the handle or press the button and wait to see if you had won.

Nowadays, slot machines are pretty high tech. With online gambling slots in 2020, South Africa players get high-end graphics, exciting themes and lots of freebies.

In this guide to playing gambling online slots, we’re going to break down the basics of the game, start you off with a beginner’s strategy and finally point you in the right direction to playing at the top online casinos’ slots games.

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How to play slots

You might be laughing at the headline. You thought you just clicked the spin button and waited to see if you won, right? Yes, that is a big part of playing online slots, but there are a few other things to know before you begin testing your luck. To help you understand what paylines, wild symbols and scatters are, we’re going to provide you with a short glossary of terms.

Bonus round – When you play online gambling South Africa slot games, you will hit a bonus round at some point. They basically give you the chance to win more real money by competing in a mini-game.

Coins- Sometimes called points, coins are your virtual cash, which can be withdrawn to your bankroll and added to a South Africa payment method for gamblers. Online slots gambling will allow you to place a set amount of coins on each line (called a line bet). Normally a low amount first and then gradually into higher amounts. The more you bet, the more you can win.

Slots are completely random so don’t read into win or loss trends, they are all in your head.

Free spins – Sounds nice doesn’t it? When you hit certain symbols in the right order, you can win free spins. This is when you don’t have to bet any money. Normally the slot will take the maximum bet from your previous spin along with the number of lines you bet on.

Paylines- The number of lines featured on a slot. You can bet on all lines, or just one. It’s advisable to bet on all or most of them. If your bankroll cannot afford to do this, try reducing your bet or to place as many coins on each line as you can afford. Remember, it is never worth going over your budget.

Paytable- This will be on your computer, tab or mobile slot casino screen. It will inform you of the individual symbols’ worth.

Slots pay-out – This is the amount of winnings your slot machine pays out to you.

Scatter- A common element of SA video slots, these usually appear anywhere on the reels. Spinning 2 or more will earn you a multiplying award of your current total bet.

Video slot – These are the latest, and perhaps greatest, of online casinos’ slots games. They have multiple pay lines, incredible bonus rounds, superb graphics and fun, catchy soundtracks.

Wild- Just as you have Wilds in the game ‘UNO’, these symbols give you the chance to substitute them for any other symbol apart from the scatter.

Slot Machine Variations

Now that you have the basic rules of the game down, it’s time to decide which gambling online slot variation you are ready to try.

Free slots – No, you cannot win real money, but you can test your South Africa gambling skills on a demo try. Our recommended online gambling slots will offer these.

Traditional slots – Although dating back to the 1800s, these still offer a lot of fun. These machines have 3 wheels and 1 payline.

Five-Reel slots – Just as it sounds, this is a traditional slot with 2 extra reels, for a total of 5 reels. These add a little excitement to the game and open up the possibilities for more winning combos.

Multi-Line slots- This real money slot can be 3 or 5 reels, but will always have more than one payline. The lines may be horizontal, cross-ways or even crooked lines. This means there can be 20+ different ways to win.

Progressive slots – This slot variation will be part of a group of slots which all encompass a progressive jackpot that increases with everyone’s play. Yes, it is very hard to hit the jackpot, but not impossible. When someone does land the right combo, the pay-out is VERY generous.

Bonus slots – Usually video slots, which allow a bonus round of play after a win.

Pick slots with fewer symbols and larger jackpot payouts for the best results.

Best bets and odds for online slots

The odds will depend on the SA slots you are playing. The best piece of advice is to take note of the pay-out percentage of each machine. These will tell you the house advantage of the game. For example, a pay-out percentage of 98% means the house keeps 2% of the amount wagered.

4 Quick tips for winning at real cash slots:

Test your luck with this beginner’s strategy

You’re a smart SA gambler and most likely understand that slots are a matter of luck. However, there are a few things you can do to maximize your luck.

1. Make sure you take advantage of any jackpots, which you qualify for as long as you can afford it.

2. Take advantage of bonus rounds that allow you to build your bankroll.

We have found the best sites for South Africa slots players

Whether you’re playing at online gambling slots for fun or looking to win big and retire, our real money game recommendations will have you spinning your way to hours of excitement.

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How do online slots work?

Online slots work by randomly displaying a set of symbols on a game screen, when a series of winning symbols is displayed players receive prize money based on the bet made. The symbols are generated by a random number generator.

Are they fixed?

Slot machines are not fixed, but they will pay out less money than they take in generating a profit for the casino using them. They randomly pay out prizes to players though and don’t work in any pattern.

How often do they payout?

It’s difficult to say how often slot machines payout because the payouts are completely random, but it’s common to receive several payouts during a playing session of just an hour or two.

Where can I find the best games?

The best online slot games are offered by leading casinos that use top software. Many of these slots offer progressive jackpots and other cool perks like special bonus rounds.

How do I find the biggest jackpots?

To find the largest jackpots online you’ll have to look for slots that offer progressive jackpots when deciding on a place to play.

How much is it possible to win?

It’s possible to win more than R1,000,000 playing online slots with a progressive jackpot and players have won much more than that in the past.

Which games payout more often?

Slots payout randomly and usually the slot machines with lower prizes pay out more frequently but don’t end up paying out any more money than the machines with large prizes.

Are they safe to play?

Reputable online slots are very safe to play at and will award you with prize money when you’re lucky enough to get a winning combination.