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The Most Complete Guide for Playing Keno Online

Many South African online gambling fanatics have a love-hate relationship with Keno. Loved for its simplicity and big pay-outs, but hated for its extremely high house edge. Either way, Keno online gambling still manages to be a leading casino game in 2020, with devoted players from all over the world.

Advantages of playing online gambling keno games:

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If you’re ready to learn how to play keno, this online gambling guide is for you.

Alternatively, if our opening was enough to convince you to get in on the keno action, see our online casino recommendations for real cash keno games:

How to play keno gambling online

Playing keno requires no study, no practice and no skills at all. There are no lines and no waiting times to cash in on your winnings. You simply need a small wager and to choose your numbers from between 1-80.

Keno affords the opportunity for massive potential jackpot wins on the more difficult wins.

You choose the amount of numbers you pick (generally 1, 2, 5, 10 or 15+), the more you play, the larger your pay-out will be providing your numbers are selected.

The only thing that varies from one internet casino to another is the minimum and maximum bets and keno bonuses.

The pay-out for keno is determined by:

There are a few different bets you can make on a keno game for SA players.

Straight ticket keno – You will place a single bet on your chosen numbers. This is the easiest bet and most common for new players.

King ticket keno – A certain number is selected as the “king” and will be used in combination with other numbers. This lets you pick different groups of numbers and make bets on each of the groups.

Your odds of winning keno gambling online games

Just because you can pick up to 20 different numbers, does not mean you should bet on all 20. Realistically, your odds of hitting all 20 numbers are a 1 in 3 quadrillion chance. We’re not sure if this has ever been done before. Although hitting that enormous 20-number jackpot is appealing, your odds become better when you bet on between 3 and 9 numbers at a time. Less numbers yes, but you have more of a chance at winning several, small pay-outs than one massive one.

Variations for online keno gambling games

You can choose from a few different keno games whenever you’re ready to play for real money. These include Combination Keno, Super Keno and Power Keno. You can also play keno on your mobile or tablet. Like poker, you can play progressive jackpot keno in which real cash is continuously added to the pot until someone lucky wins it.

Keno and bingo are similar, but fundamentally different. If you like one you’ll enjoy the other as well.

Strategy for South Africa online gambling keno players

Keno is 100% chance. There is no real strategy involved that will increase your playing odds. Some players believe that playing the same numbers over and over is the best strategy. Others swear that their lucky numbers always bring in the money.

We have found the top online casinos for South Africa keno players

If you’re looking to take it easy and try your luck at winning real money without doing too much, try a couple rounds of keno. After in-depth reviews of casinos’ keno gambling games, we have narrowed down our top recommended picks for SA players. These sites offer great graphics, world-class security, exclusive bonus offers and the ability to make Rand deposits.

Take a look at our online keno room selection and head into the big real cash action.

How does online keno work?

Online keno is similar to bingo, you pick out a set of numbers on a card and bet a specified amount on whether or not those numbers will come up. You have a wide range of possible bet amounts and can choose to use the card for one game or many. Then you watch as the numbers come up on the screen and hope that one of your chosen numbers is selected so that you can win a prize.

Where can I find the best games?

You can find the best South African keno games right on websites with top reviews. These are the sites that were carefully built to offer an excellent gaming experience. They rely on quality graphics and random number generators to offer the best experience.

How does it compare to live keno?

Online keno is very similar to live keno, you still pick out the numbers and wait for them to be read off. The only difference is that games start faster when playing online, and you won’t have other people around you while you play.

Is it popular in South Africa?

Keno is not a popularly played game in South Africa, but there are some locations where you can enjoy the game online and offline.

How much is it possible to win?

It’s possible to win as much as R10,000,000 when playing online Keno if all 10 of your numbers are chosen and you bet the max of R1,000 on the game beforehand.

Is it fair?

Keno is a fair game that’s based on randomly chosen numbers. Casinos generate a profit from the game but every player has a fair chance to win a major prize while playing.