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South African Online Gambling

Playing Lottery Draws at Online Gambling Casinos

The lottery has long since been a favourite past time. Since the dawn of the internet and revolutionary online casino games, the lottery has become popular around the globe and will continue to do so beyond 2020. Online lottery games, from scratch off cards and numeric lotto draws, attract people of all backgrounds.

4 Reasons to play SA online lotteries:

Online SA lottery draws are more about simple, harmless fun. The prospect of winning of course is an added bonus, but the ability to relax and go with the ebb and flow is the primary reason to play an internet lottery.

Online gambling lottery game variants

Until recently, you had very few options to playing the lottery. Most likely you were hindered by your location and could enter local regulated South Africa lotteries. These limitations are a thing of the past. Now with the rise in the internet, you have direct access to a wide selection of lotteries from the top worldwide locations. Choose from sports lotteries, scratch card lotto’s, lottery slots and instant lotteries. Each of these casinos’ lottery games will have their own rules, house edge, odds and jackpot. Rest assured, they are a whole lot of fun to play.

The South African lottery is completely tax free, allowing residents to enjoy massive wins without paying out a dime.

How to play

This depends on the game you are playing. For instance, internet lottery casino scratch cards let you eagerly “scratch” the card to reveal special prizes and even real money. Sports lotto would have you bet on the outcome and get paid based upon the odds. Other lotteries that South African players can join in allow you to choose random numbers that are then drawn at a certain time. If your numbers are called, guess what, you have won!

Some of the SA online lotteries also offer wagers that you will not find at the South African in-country lottery drawings. For example, you can wager on the first number to be drawn or a pair of numbers. You could bet whether or not the first number is an odd or even or on certain colours of a bonus ball used in a sports game.

With online gambling lottery games, the possibilities are almost endless. You really just need to jump right in and give each type a try.

FAQ for online gambling sites’ lottery games

How secure is an online lottery game?

This does depend on the lottery website you are playing at. The security of a site should be one of your first considerations when finding an online lottery website for South African gamblers. Fortunately, we have already sourced the most secure internet lottery rooms to play at.

Is playing an online lottery game hard?

Not at all. Lottery is meant to be enjoyable, fun and headache free. In principal, the lottery games work in a similar manner. You simply choose your numbers and wait to see if they are called.

Can I play another game on the online lottery game websites?

This depends on the site you are on. Some websites cater to only people who want to play lotto games. The online gambling lottery casinos we have selected offer a massive variety of games. So if you end up getting bored playing the lottery you can head over to the video slots or pull up a seat at a variety of table games.

Lottery games are highly simplistic and favoured for this reason. Anyone can learn to play the lottery in just a few minutes.

We have found the best SA online lottery casinos

You now have access to a worldwide network of different lotteries at all kinds of different pay-outs. We have carefully selected casinos that offer exciting lottery game selections for South African players. Fun, tantalizing graphics, exclusive bonuses and special prizes are all aspects of the game. You’ll be able to make deposits and withdraw your real cash winnings in South African Rands and contact customer support whenever you need assistance.

So get ready lotto fanatics. It’s time for you to break out your lucky charms and pick your special numbers because we’re going to show you the top lottery casinos with huge jackpots.