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MasterCard Online Gambling Sites

Do you have a MasterCard? If so, you’re already one step closer to making your first real cash deposit in an online casino for SA players. On top of that, your MasterCard is the most trusted methods of internet payment available in 2015.

Three reasons to stand by our recommended sites:

When you’re online gambling, MasterCard is an available payment method for South Africa players looking to try their luck on a game of roulette. You may wonder what site is for you. There are literally 1000s of online casinos to choose from. Some of these are indeed not exactly on the ‘up and up’ in terms of pay-outs and security. To avoid wasting your time (and possibly real money) on these sites, take a look at our recommendations for the top casinos accepting MasterCard. You will not be disappointed!

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What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is the corporate name of two types of cards. One is a credit card that you can use to purchase things on credit. The second type is a debit card that is attached to your bank account. These cards are issued locally by banks. This means that although you pay on your MasterCard bill, you actually are paying to the bank rather than the company. Furthermore, this means that the bank defines the rules of how your card can be used. Knowing this may be useful in the future.

MasterCard enjoys unparalleled support at online casinos. That means players using a MasterCard can pick and choose from their favourite locations without worry.

Using MasterCard at an online gambling website

Once you have picked the top online gambling MasterCard website and signed up as a member, choose “credit card” on the payment page. From here you will select MasterCard as your method of payment. Once you complete the short purchase form, you submit your request.

Keep in mind that to protect your own identity and the casinos reputation, you will be asked to submit a copy of your SA government ID. This is a standard, onetime process.

The deposit will appear in your account shortly. If you are using the MC credit card, your purchase will be billed to you. Whereas with a debit card, the total of the purchase will be taken from your bank account.

Some gambling online MasterCard sites will allow you to withdrawal your winnings onto your card. This varies from casino to casino. Withdrawing real cash onto your card is as easy as the deposit. Visit the site cashier and select MasterCard as your choice option. Follow the steps and wait for your money.

How fast is the transaction?

A deposit from a MasterCard to an internet gambling room can be completed in a few minutes. If you need to verify your identity, you will need to add a little extra time, but not much.

MasterCard casinos withdrawals for South Africa players typically take between 24 and 48 hours before you will see the money credited to your card.

Relatively high maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts mean that you can easily move money in and out of your account with a MasterCard.

General limits for deposits and withdrawals

Most likely your financial institution has placed maximum and minimum daily limits on your MasterCard. The casino may also have set limits. Generally, the minimum deposit to an online SA casino is between R50 and R100. The daily maximum deposit is often between R5000 and R55000. Withdrawals are typically between R5000 and R55000 or a maximum of half of your winnings.

Advantages for South Africa gamblers to use a MasterCard

Aside from ease of use, a MasterCard online gambling site for South Africa players can be a viable option. As one of the most secure payment processors, you will not have to be concerned about potential identity fraud. If you choose to withdrawal onto your MasterCard, you will have very quick access to your hard earned real money winnings.

Some internet casinos want you to use a major credit card to fund your account. To entice their players, they will offer exclusive bonuses that can provide extra cash based on the original deposit. This is just another reason to choose MasterCard to manage your online casino accounts.

Factors to consider

If you are looking for a SA payment method and are considering MasterCard as your preference, there are few things to consider.

Money – If you are using the MasterCard debit card, make sure you have the money in your account. If you are using the credit card, make sure you have the available credit balance. In both instances, when confirming you have the cash available to spend, you avoid heavy fines from the company.

Fees – Your MasterCard will likely have an incurred monthly interest. Do not forget about this when you are trying to determine an appropriate casino budget. Confirm with your bank and casino as to whether or not there are any associated transfer fees when you make deposits or withdrawals.

The best online gambling MasterCard sites for South Africa players

We have meticulously compiled a list consisting of only the best online South Africa gambling websites accepting MasterCard. By playing in one of our recommended SA MasterCard gambling sites, you can be sure you will be on your way to having a lot of fun. Who knows, you might end up winning millions.

Can I use MasterCard for online gambling payments?

A MasterCard is accepted for most online gambling payments around South Africa. If you have a MasterCard you can enjoy playing at most online casinos with ease.

How quick are the transactions?

Transactions involving a MasterCard are typically very fast. Deposits can be processed in just a few hours. Taking money out usually happens in a day or two depending on casino processing times.

Are fees involved?

There aren’t fees associated with depositing money most of the time but casinos will often charge a small fee during withdrawals.

How does it compare with other credit cards?

MasterCard works just as well as Visa does and is as widely accepted around the country at different casinos.

Is it a safe payment method?

MasterCard is a secure card that’s backed by banks and known for its reliability. You’ll be protected when using the card and it will offer you one of the safest gambling options.

Is it recommended?

MasterCard is a recommended funding option in South Africa because it’s widely accepted and very simple to make use of.