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The Best Guide to iPhone Online Gambling

Smartphone’s have quickly become a way of life for people around the globe. At the forefront of this movement is the iPhone. Online gambling sites realise that to stay one step ahead of their competition in 2015, they must adapt to the tech-savvy device by developing games specifically for iPhone gamblers.

The beginning was a bit bumpy. There was a lot of confusion as to whether or not Apple allowed online gambling apps to be downloaded to the phone. The games also had to be compatible with Safari; therefore they had to be developed separately from that of the Android casino software. Now, things have progressed and online casinos’ iPhone apps have become plentiful.

With its many features, Springbok Casinoquickly pushed to the forefront of the iPhone Casino app scene app, getting rave reviews along with other apps such as ourrecommended sites.

4 reasons to play iPhone casino games:

If you’re not sure whether or not gambling online on your SA iPhone is a good choice, read on. We’re going to show you the benefits of gambling online games with your iPhone, where to find the best sites and how to get started. By the end, we can bet you’ll be one step closer to making the right decision.

Don’t forget to read our legal South Africa casino reviews. You’ll be on your way to a whole lot of entertainment.

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Using your iPhone for gambling online games

There are 2 methods to getting started with some real cash gambling online on your iPhone. The first is by downloading the app from the App store. You would go through the process as you would with any other app. Search for the name of the casino and install it. From here, you will need to input your special pin code or register your account. After, you will notice the main software, lobby and cashier. Games on the other hand, may not be there. This works in your favour. You get to choose the games you like, by downloading them to the casino app on-demand. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to make a real cash deposit.

The iPhone is supported at most online casinos that cater to mobile players, it’s easy to find places to play when you use this popular device.

The second way to start playing online gambling sites' iPhone apps is to go directly to the operators’ website using your browser. The advantage of using your browser is the ability to move from casino to casino without downloading anything.

It’s a good idea to look for the games that are built using HTML5. Flash casino games will require iPhone gamblers to use Chrome and a Flash emulator plug in.

You don't need to jailbreak your iPhone to gamble online

Many South Africa gamblers, and players from around the globe for that matter, often believe that an iPhone must be hacked or unlocked before doing any betting. This is a big misconception. Although real money online iPhone casino apps are still evolving and the App store does not have an abundance of games, Apple cannot tell their customers that they cannot gamble or visit a casino site.

Advantages of gambling online iPhone apps

Gambling with an iPhone has many advantages over more traditional methods of internet gambling. For one, you can play a few rounds of slots while waiting for dinner to finish; consider it multitasking.

A second obvious advantage is the ability to hit the tables when you’re out and about or on your way home from work. Online gambling smartphone apps give you the chance to skip out on planning trips to land based casinos in Johannesburg or Cape Town. Now the convenience rests in your hands.

An iPhone 6 has a very fast processor. This means you will not run into problems with your games freezing. The Apple smartphone also gives players in South Africa the chance to enjoy games in HD. This can make everything that much better.

How we review online iPhone casino apps

We have only reviewed and rated iPhone casino apps for South Africans that have a legal online and mobile gambling license. To be listed on our site, the internet iPhone casinos must have:

Things to consider when using your iPhone to gamble

Limited games- Gambling apps for the iPhone cannot be developed in a short time. Therefore, casinos are continuously working on releasing new games for South Africa players. For now, the game selection is not as good as what you would find online, but there is a strong chance you will find a version of your favourite game.

Internet connection – To access online games via your iPhone, you must have an internet connection. Some games, like live poker or slots, will require the connection to be fast.

The screen – Playing on a mobile, even if it is a whole 9cm, can strain the eyes. Tapping on the spin or roll buttons can be a bit of a challenge for those of you with larger fingers as well. Although not a major issue, it can become tedious. In any case, take extra precaution and ensure you are tapping the right buttons at the right time!

The App Store supports gambling apps as long as they are legal, meaning that they are quite easy to find and make use of.

Difference in software – Although the iPhone is technologically impressive, it still is not as impressive as an Apple Mac or PC for that matter. That being said, the software for iPhone gambling apps for SA players may slightly differ from that of playing on your desktop.

The best iPhone online gambling sites for South Africans

There is a lot to understand when starting to enter the world of gambling online. Add in the idea of playing at online casinos from the iPhone and you may become slightly overwhelmed.

We’re giving South African gamblers a helping hand by providing you with the top real cash casinos for iPhones. Not only have we reviewed them for their quality and efficiency, we put these sites to the ultimate test by making sure they actually work on all the latest models, including gambling online on the iPhone 6.

Take a look at our iPhone gambling reviews and within minutes, you can enjoy the future generation of online gambling.

Can I gamble on the iPhone?

You can gamble on an iPhone without a problem at most online casinos.

What models are supported?

Typically the iPhone 4 and up is supported by online casinos and in some instances older models are still supported as well.

How do I begin?

To begin using your iPhone at a casino, create your casino account and fund it, then either download an app from the App Store, or visit the mobile site to begin playing.

Should I use a site or app?

Most of the time the app is the better option of the two. Apps are carefully optimized to work properly on an iPhone and will offer more detail and often more features to players.

Does the App Store have gambling apps?

The App Store does offer gambling apps as long as those apps meet the legal restrictions of the location they are being offered in.

What types of gambling is popular on the iPhone?

Slots and sports betting are the two most common types of gambling on the iPhone. Simple table games like 21 and draw poker or video poker are also commonly offered and play well on the small screen.

How does it compare to other devices?

While the iPhone is supported at most casinos online, it has a pretty small screen size compared to many other mobile devices and can be difficult to play with in some instances. The newer iPhones come in larger sizes, but other devices may still offer more game real estate.

Is it safe?

The App Store is careful about what apps are allowed, and as long as you stick with reputable casinos you’ll enjoy a safe gambling experience.