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South African Online Gambling

A Guide to Free Online Gambling Game Play

Playing online goes back to the early days of the internet. Now, as a worldwide pastime in 2020, most online casinos offer hundreds of games to play for free. No money involved.

With free online gambling games, you get all the excitement of the real cash games without any risk. There’s no need for real cash deposit transfers or the chance of losing money. This is especially beneficial if you are new to gambling and are still trying to grasp the basis of the game.

Give a few of the free online casino games a try to see how you like them. If you feel you’re ready to start playing for real money, you will find a variety of reliable SA internet casinos on this site.

Why play free casino games?

Types of free online gambling games

You can take your pick at a multitude of gambling internet games for no money. Most casinos for South Africa players offer the most popular games for free. These include slots, roulette, video poker and blackjack. Instead of losing any money, you get to play against other players from around the world for virtual points or play money.

Use free online casino games to learn how to play before spending real money to improve your chances.

Top 3 benefits of playing free casino games

You get to practice for free. Let’s face it, slots are fairly straightforward casino games that do not require any skill. Table games on the other hand, do require some knowledge, logic and practice. Free online gambling games give you the best opportunity to learn strategies and develop your own skills. As you get the hang of the game, you can move onto SA real cash casino games with less chance of losing money.

No travelling to a casino. Gambling on the internet means you don’t even need to leave home. This is useful when you’re in a country that gets cold and wet in the winter, like South Africa! All you need is an internet connection and computer or mobile device.

You get free play money. Also known as virtual money, when you play gambling online games you get to collect this money. Sometimes there is no point to this apart from the idea that you have done your best and won. Consider the number as a means of making you feel proud. Alternatively, some casinos allow you to use this play money to enter prize giveaways, purchase tokens which can be redeemed for gifts or collect real money to be used on their real play games.

Downloadable free online casinos

As a South African, you can play free internet casino games at any of the links here on this page. Some of them allow you to instantly join in on the free fun. Others may require you to download and install the game software. Rest assured, we have only reviewed and listed free online gambling games that have a high reputation and superb standards of quality and security.

Some free casinos offer actual monetary prizes to a select number of the players, making them a good place to go to actual win something too.

We found the best free internet casino games for South Africans

When it comes to no charge casinos, we have you covered. Now you can enjoy online gambling without losing your hard earned Rand. Our free gambling online games selection includes no-cash versions of the all the hit games. If you think you’re ready to win some real cash, you can find plenty of options and exclusive promotions on this site.

Want the real money games? Check out the top rated online gambling sites for South Africa players and start playing.