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Visa Deposits or Withdrawals at an Online Gambling Site

South Africans have a love for Visa. From a grassland safari to a night out on the town, Visa is a primary payment method throughout the country in 2015. If you have a visa card in your wallet, you’re one step closer to being able to start gambling online with real cash.

There is a plethora of online casinos. Visa, no doubt, entices these operators to start accepting the payment method. However, not all casinos are created equal. We know which sites have a reputation to stand by and which sites you should stay away from at any cost.

Find more about our recommendations for online gambling sites'. Visa deposits are just one of many benefits you will discover through our top picks.

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What is Visa?

Visa is a leading payment method for online casinos, rivalled only by Skrill and MasterCard. Between its convenience and security measures, there are very few top casinos that do not accept this payment.

Gambling online: Visa deposits made easy

If you have ever made an online purchase using your credit card, you will have no problem using this South Africa payment method on the internet casino site. Visa works just as you would expect it to. Try the following steps to improve your overall experience:

1. Find your ideal casino site for SA players and sign up. It’s free!

2. Check to see if the gambling operator is giving out bonuses to Visa users.

3. Go to the cashier and make a deposit with your Visa.

4. Verify the transaction on your online Visa account.

5. Your funds will be added to your bankroll almost instantly.

Visa cards often offer reward points to players as they deposit money for gambling, making it easier to stack up rewards and perks along with the bonuses offered by the casinos.

If you are concerned about giving your details to a site, don’t worry. All operators that we recommend to South Africa players use high-level encryption. In fact, it’s the same as any financial institution uses. Your Visa issuing bank will most likely give you a zero liability. This means in the rare instance your details are compromised from any internet site, you will not be responsible for payment.

South Africa players are lucky when it comes to making a withdrawal with Visa. Many countries do not allow this. When you are ready to withdrawal your winnings, head to the cashier and choose Visa as the gambling online withdrawal option. Keep in mind not all casinos will offer this. Input the amount you wish to withdrawal. Your real cash winnings should appear as a credit within 5 days.

How long before I can start playing?

It’s safe to say, as soon as you make your online gambling Visa deposit, you can be playing in about 30 seconds. It’s that fast.

Typical deposit and withdrawal limits

Visa transaction limits will vary depending on your financial institution and the casino. Generally, the limits for both daily deposits and withdrawals are between R200 to a maximum of around R55, 000.

Advantages of gambling online with a Visa

With online gambling websites, Visa is one of the best payment methods to take advantage of. Using this card will afford you all kinds of privileges including:

Fast and easy – Making a visa deposit takes a few seconds. This means if you forgot to make a deposit for that not-to-be-missed tournament, there may still be time to do so! Your Visa funds will be in your casino account immediately.

Visa reward points – Don’t just accumulate loyalty points at the casino operator. When you use your Visa Rewards card, you get reward points as well. It’s like a double bonus! Imagine making a big win on the roulette table and earning a trip to Vegas, courtesy of Visa. Sounds nice doesn’t’ it?

All Visa card types accepted – There are several variations for Visa cards. South Africans may have the Visa credit card, debit card, Paywave, Platinum, Gold, Signature or Infinite to name a few. All are valid on casinos sites that accept the SA payment method.

Things to remember before you begin to play

When gambling online, Visa is ideal for just about any player, but still there are a few things to take into consideration.

Visa cards are accepted at most locations and make withdrawing and depositing money simple and easy to do.

Fees – When you use your Visa credit card to make a deposit, you may incur fees. These are generally between 2%-3%. Withdrawing from a casino is often free for you. But, to be safe, confirm with the operator.

Avoid overdraft fees – If you opt to use your SA Visa debit card, make sure you have the funds available in your bank. Otherwise, you will run into large fines.

Going on credit – It’s important to understand that by using a credit card for online gambling, Visa is essentially giving you a loan. You will be required to pay this back. Try doing this as fast as you can so you don’t have to pay those high interest fees.

Are you ready to start playing for some real money?

We know you’re eager to get started. To save you the time and hassle of trying to find the best internet casinos for South Africa players, check out our complete list of recommendations. These have been individually tried and tested for their customer support, pay-out percentages, game selections and security amongst many other criteria. Plus, when you’re ready to make a deposit at the online gambling site, Visa will be accepted.

Can I use Visa for online gambling payments?

Visa can be used for online gambling payments at most online casinos around the world.

How quick are the transactions?

Visa transactions are typically very fast. Deposits occur in just minutes or hours after making them. Withdrawals usually take a bit longer but a day or two is common when using a Visa card.

Are fees involved?

There are rarely any deposit fees associated with a Visa card, but it’s possible you’ll pay a small fee on the withdrawal from your account if you want to use that same Visa card once again.

How does it compare with other credit cards?

Visa is one of the most widely accepted credit cards in South Africa and an excellent gambling payment method around the country.

Is it a safe payment method?

Visa is a very safe payment method to use because Visa card holders are protected carefully. There is usually protection against unlawful charges and cardholders are protected against scammers.

Is it recommended?

Visa cards are recommended to play at online casinos because they are fast to use and safe. They are also widely supported making it easy to pick the location that you want when using a Visa card.