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Online Gambling Sites Accepting Maestro Debit Card

Gambling online Maestro processing is becoming increasingly popular in 2015 due to its efficiency and reliability for South Africa players.

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What is a Maestro card?

As part of the MasterCard Corporation, Maestro card is one of the premier online casino payment methods for South African people.

A Maestro debit card will require you to have a current account with a financial institution associated with MasterCard. If you don’t yet have a Maestro card, you can easily apply for one.

As a debit card, it is attached to your bank account. If you are not comfortable with this, you may opt for the Maestro Pre-Paid card. With the latter option, you load real money onto the card and use it as you would use a regular debit card.

Once you are issued your SA Maestro card, be sure to specify that you will be using this card online. You will be given a 4-6 digit pin number that will only be known by you. So don’t forget it! This code will be included in your internet purchases.

Maestro is an excellent solution for players that don’t want to use their personal bank or credit cards to play with casinos.

How online gambling sites’ Maestro payment method works

If you choose online casinos’ Maestro as a payment option, you must have the available funds on the card in order for the payment to go through. To make a real cash deposit into your casino bankroll, select Maestro as your preferred payment option. You will then be asked to provide the card number, together with the secure code. After completing the rest of the payment form, you will submit your transaction. Within a few minutes your real cash deposit will be added to your account. Now you’re ready to play exciting casino games.

At the time, Maestro does not allow South Africa residents (or anyone else in the world) to withdrawal casino winnings onto their Maestro card. However, if you have a MasterCard, you may be able to withdrawal ZAR onto it. If you are not sure, check with your financial institution and casino support service.

How long does the transaction take?

Making a deposit into an online gambling Maestro site is almost instant. All you need to do is fill in your card details in the cashier section and verify your identity (if you have not already done so) As long as your card is accepted, you will see your real money in your bankroll in a minute or two.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Once you have your online Maestro debit card, you can choose the casino you would like to play at. We recommend having a look at our top online gambling rooms that accept South Africa payments. Once you have found the perfect site, sign up for an account and go through the payment process. Don’t forget to accept your exclusive bonus offers from this site.

General deposit limits for a Maestro card

Depending on the financial institution and casino, you may have daily deposit limits. These can be between 500 and 5000 ZAR. In this case, it is advisable to inquire about the deposit limits from your bank and casino support centre.

Advantages for South Africa players using Maestro

Using a Maestro card on a SA internet gambling site is convenient, fast and secure. You can keep track of your money and budget your bankroll using your monthly statements. Unlike a credit card, you will not have to go through the hassle of a credit check or the potential disappointment of getting denied. There are no monthly interest fees and no transfer fees to make a deposit.

You can also benefit from the impressive security measures that are implemented by Maestro. The company guarantees that no information is ever shared with a third party and that all transactions are secure.

Maestro is supported anywhere that MasterCard is, and very simple to make use of in most locations. It works the same as a standard credit card.

Considerations for South African gamblers using Maestro online casinos’ games

Before heading to slots or table games, there are a few things to remember:

We sourced the leading gambling online sites accepting Maestro debit cards

A South Africa Maestro card is one of the most ideal payment options for a gambler. If you are ready to have fun on action packed video slots or wish to try out lady luck in a game of SA craps, you have got to find out the best places to play at. Luck is already beginning, because we have found the top online Maestro casinos for South Africa players.

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Can I use Maestro for online gambling payments?

Maestro is a popular online payment method that works to make online gambling payments at any casino where MasterCard is accepted.

How quick are the transactions?

Transactions are known for happening on the same day or in just a few days when using Maestro, that’s one of the reasons that people enjoy using the cards so much.

Are fees involved?

Maestro cards do come with minor transactional fees. When putting money onto the card and many times taking money off of the card again there could be a minor fee to pay.

How does it compare with other debit cards?

Maestro cards aren’t attached to your actual bank account so they are quite safe to make use of and just as easy to use as any other debit MasterCard.

Is it a safe payment method?

Since the card is not attached to your bank it is very safe to use and will protect your money well.

Is it recommended?

Maestro cards are recommended for their ease of use and their high level of security as well.