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Playing Online Gambling with a Debit or Credit Card

If you thought getting your money into an online gambling account for South Africa players was difficult, think again. If anything, it is just as easy as stacking real cash on a land based casino table. There are many payment options for South Africa players. When it comes to gambling online in 2015, debit and credit cards are one of the fastest, most convenient methods. This is because you most likely already have a handy card in your purse or wallet.

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If you’re hesitant about using online gambling websites' debit and credit cards games, take a few minutes to read through this guide. After, we’re pretty sure that you will have gained the confidence to move forward and head to the excitement. So, don’t forget to read our reviews and ratings of the best online casinos for South Africa players.

Using a credit or debit card on a South Africa casino website

Without trying to insult your intelligence, a credit or debit card is a reliable payment method for online gambling. A debit card allows you to add real money to your online casino account by automatically taking ZAR from your bank account.

A credit card, usually Visa or MasterCard, is not linked to your bank account. It allows you to buy things on credit, based upon a pre-arranged limit, and pay for them on a later date.

How this payment processing options works

Using online gambling sites' debit and credit cards payment processing system is very easy. If you have ever purchased something online, you are one step closer to knowing how to make a deposit at a legal internet SA casino.

Once you login into your account, you will go to the payment section on the user interface. From here, you will enter in your card details and the amount you would like to deposit. Within a few confirmation clicks, your card will be charged and real money will be added to your internet casino account.

In the case of withdrawing your real money winnings, each casino will have its own regulations as to whether or not they allow this. Many internet gaming rooms will allow a South Africa player to withdrawal real cash onto a credit card. This will show up on your statement as a credited amount. Withdrawing ZAR on a debit card is similar, except the funds will be added directly to your attached bank account.

Rest assured, making a deposit or withdrawal using a credit or debit card for an online gambling site is very secure. This is especially true when you are playing on our top recommended sites. Theses casinos implement a variety of world class protocols which are the same ones online banks and merchants use.

Debit or credit cards are very simple to use, and making your initial deposit is like making any other online purchase using your card. That’s why it’s favoured by many.

The length of total processing time

When using your SA credit or debit card at a gambling online site, your deposit will be shown within a matter of minutes. To withdrawal your real money winnings, confirm with the casino on the length of time it will take to process. Generally, this processing time is between 24 and 48 hours. After which, it can take a few more days for you to see the funds.

How you can get started

Getting started is simple. Just follow these steps.

1. Discover your ideal SA gambling website or preferred game of choice

2. Log in or sign up

3. Go to the payment section of the backend system

4. Select credit or debit card

5. Fill in your details and provide your proof of identity

6. Submit and wait to see the funds in your account

Advantages of using a credit or debit card on a casino website for South Africans

When you’re gambling online, debit and credit card is by far the easiest payment method for South Africa players. Apart from the fact that you do no need to memorize another password for a payment processor, there are several other advantages to using your SA credit or debit card at an online gambling website:

Using your card makes it very simple to convert between ZAR and the currency supported by the casino you’re playing at. You won’t have to worry about extra services and can spend more time playing.

Things to keep in mind for South Africa players

It’s worth noting a few things before you make a deposit or withdrawal into an online casino for SA players.

Interest fees - If you are using a credit card, keep in mind that you may incur interest fees on top of your charges. This is up to your credit cards/banks discretion.

Limits – Most casinos and the card companies themselves have limits on how much you can deposit or withdrawal in a 24 hour period. This amount varies, but is usually between R11, 000 and R55, 000.

Identification – Before your payment can be processed, the casino will require you to verify your identity by providing a copy of your photo ID. This helps to keep everyone safe and protected from fraud.

Available balance – Before you make an online deposit with your debit card, confirm you have the funds available in your bank account, or that you are protected from receiving hefty overdraft fees.

Transfer fees – Some casinos may charge you a small fee to withdrawal your real cash winnings onto your credit or debit card. Check with the casino to verify this. You may also incur small processing fees on top of your initial deposit transfer. Again, you will want to confirm this with both your credit or debit card and the casino.

Find the best online casinos for South Africa players

There you have it. As you can see online gambling debit and credit cards payment method is very straightforward. If you are ready to play some exciting real money games at the top gambling online sites for SA players, check out our reviews and ratings of recommend gambling sites.

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Do they both allow online gambling payments?

Each of the sites listed below allow online gambling payments and are designed to make the process simple to go through.

What debit cards are accepted?

Visa debit cards are accepted at all of the major casinos recommended here and most in South Africa.

What credit cards are accepted?

Both Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted at most of the casinos around the country and all of the recommended establishments. This makes it easy to get started with most credit cards.

Are they safe to use?

The recommended sites have been carefully looked over and determined as safe and reliable to make use of. They rely on security features such as encryption and careful data management practices to keep customers safe.

How fast are transactions?

Transactions typically take just a day or two to be completed as long as a credit or debit card is used in the process. Withdrawing money typically takes a bit longer than depositing it.

What fees are involved?

There typically aren’t any deposit fees, but some casinos will have small withdrawal fees when taking money out.

Debit or credit - which is better?

Both options work well for online casinos. When using a debit card you have more control over how much money is available for the casino. With a credit card you’ll likely have more money available to play with.