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Using Moneybookers as Payment at Online Casinos

If you just do not want to use your credit card online, we have a solution for you. Opt for online gambling sites that accept Moneybookers for deposits. As a popular payment method for South Africa players, Moneybookers is a convenient and easy to use e-wallet that is accepted by most casinos.

What you will get with our recommended Moneybookers internet casinos

Choose from one of these gambling rooms which accepts Moneybookers and start winning!

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What is Moneybookers?

Moneybookers, now called Skrill, is an online payment solution based out of London. As it stands there are over 21 million users, many of which are gamblers like you. The company is regulated by the UK Financial Services authority and further secured by the online security company VeriSign. All payment transactions are processed through Moneybookers and can be executed using only your email address.

How does using Moneybookers work at an online casino site?

When using Moneybookers, getting real cash into your SA online casino account is simple. Here is a step-by-step breakdown:

1. Sign up for a Moneybookers account

2. Fund your account using your credit card, bank account, or another deposit method that is offered as an option.

3. Once the funds have cleared, they'll be placed in your Moneybookers e-wallet. Using a credit card is the fastest way for the funds to clear. A bank transfer may take between 1-3 days.

4. Voila! Now that you have money in your account, log in to your favourite online casino and go straight to the cashier.

5. Select Moneybookers as your deposit option, and then follow the instructions.

Withdrawing money takes just 2 to 3 days using Moneybookers. That’s much faster than credit cards and many other withdrawal methods.

How fast will I see my deposit or transferred winnings?

Once your money is in your account, making a deposit to play online casinos’ Moneybookers games is practically instant.

Withdrawing your real cash winnings is also just as efficient. As soon as the casino clears your transfer request, your funds will be on their way. This typically takes between 24 and 72 hours.

The daily limits for making deposits and withdrawals will vary from casino to casino. However, if you are verified by Moneybookers, you may be eligible for high transfer limits. Check with your SA casino customer support centre and Moneybookers to confirm.

How can I get started?

If you are ready to play at a gambling online Moneybookers casino, getting started is easy. First read our ratings and reviews of our top casinos that accept the South Africa payment method. Next sign up for your free gambling account and make a deposit. Don’t forget to consider taking advantage of the generous bonus offers. With that, you’ll be ready to have fun.

The advantages for a SA gambler to use Moneybookers

There is a wealth of advantages to using Moneybookers at a South Africa online casino. These include:

Security - You don't have to hand over your credit card number or personal details to the casino you want to play at. This gives you complete peace of mind for all of your deposits and withdrawal requirements.

Keep track of finances –Using Moneybookers at the top SA internet casinos is a great way to keep track of your spending. You can also separate your gambling money from your necessary expenditures.

Moneybookers protects your secure financial information and serves as a barrier that keeps your money safe from any casinos that you play at.

The debit card – South Africa players are eligible to receive a Moneybookers debit card. Once you have this card you will be able to spend your casino winnings by using the card to make purchases online and in the real world.

Withdrawals- If you have any online casino experience, you may know that withdrawing your money can be tedious. Not with Moneybookers. The process is completely straightforward.

Things to remember before you start playing

The Moneybookers online casino payment option is by far one of the best available for South African players. But before you decide to make your first casino deposit, there are a few things to consider.

Fees- Moneybookers has some of the lowest fees out of any e-wallet. Adding funds to your account is completely free when using a direct bank transfer. If you use a debit or credit card, you will incur fees ranging from 0.70% to 2.9%. When you make a withdrawal from your account, you will also be faced with a fee. This is typically between R28 and R50 per transaction. Fees are subject to change, so confirm them before you process the transaction.

Make sure you have the time and funds available – Do allow an ample amount of time for your Moneybookers account to get loaded with real money. Make sure you have the funds available either on your card or in your account; otherwise, you may face some hefty fees.

Identity verification - To get the Moneybookers debit card or to be eligible for higher transfer limits, you will have to validate your account. To do this, you will need to provide a photocopy of a valid government ID and current utility bill.

We bring you the best Moneybookers online casinos for South Africa players

If you are looking for a casino that accepts Moneybookers and SA gamblers, look no further. Listed on this site are the top gambling operators that offer high payout rates, generous bonuses, plenty of real money games and non-stop entertainment.

What is Moneybookers?

Moneybookers is an electronic payment service that allows you to send or receive money electronically quickly and easily.

How does it work?

Moneybookers works by attaching to your bank account and allowing you to fund a virtual account with money that you want to use for gambling or anything else. You simply decide how much to send over and you’re free to use it with your account.

Do they allow online gambling payments?

In countries where gambling is legal Moneybookers has no issue with allowing players to use their accounts to make gambling payments and that is one of the more popular uses of a Moneybookers account.

How quick are transactions?

Moneybookers is known for offering fast transactions. After you have money into your account you can deposit into a casino in moments most of the time and withdrawals into a Moneybookers account will be one of the fastest options available.

How do they compare with other options?

Moneybookers is just as good as most credit cards and banking options and actually a bit safer and faster than most of them when used properly.

Do I have to pay fees?

Moneybookers does charge small fees for some deposits and withdrawals but these fees are minor and often don’t even exist.

Is it safe to use?

Moneybookers is a pretty safe option to use to deposit and withdrawal money at a casino because it separates your bank account from the equation. The casino won’t have access to it and instead only has access to that electronic account with less money in it.